Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sculptris to ZBrush....Not a fan.

So I have been experimenting taking Sculptris models into ZBrush.  So far, I'm not liking the results.  Because it's all tris, it tessellates very strangely, so when you divide up, you get all kinds of little pimple pock marks all over your mesh. Since I'm waiting to get 4R3, I'm using the 4.0 trial, so there is no Dynamesh :(  That would probably do it for me!  Either way, I'm really beginning to like this workflow, and I cant wait to get my hands on Dynamesh.

The Sculptris mesh in ZBrush

This is what happens when you subdivide the model up...not pretty.

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mattanimation said...

I noticed that when playing with sculptris as well, the interaction is great but the algorithm used generates mesh doesn't play well if you want to use it later for say rigging, you would have to re-topo the whole thing into quads, which doubles your work of course.