Animation:Master 2005 Training

I created a series of character training tutorials for Animation:Master 2005.  I used to sell them on my old site, but I've decided to release all of them for free here for public consumption.  Hopefully they are a great help to those in the A:M community.  Please let me know if there are any broken links.

Modeling Tutorials

7 - Torso
8 - Arms
11 - Foot
12 - Hand

Rigging Tutorials

Animation Tutorials

Character Performance Animation Tutorials


Fuchur said...

Hi Barry,

I just wanted to thank you very much for your very generous offer here... your tutorials are amoung the best out there (if not the best) for A:M.

Very well done, thank you very much for releasing them and I am sure we will appreciated them a lot :).

See you

Rodney Baker said...

Thanks a ton Barry for sharing these great resources and for the work you put into them. They were highly recommended before... even more so now!

Mechadelphia said...

Thank you very much for sharing these.

Unknown said...

I've heard a lot of talk about the "Barry Zundel" tutorials during my time on the Hash forums. Looking forward to sitting down and going through these.

Thank you very much for your generosity.


Al said...

Thank you Barry for posting the tutorials. After quite a few years, I am thinking of coming back to Animation:Master and these will help me quite a bit. Thanks once again.

Unknown said...

Wow, thank you so much for posting up these tutorials. Hopefully they will be up for good so generations of artists of all ages can use them. :)

I'm really amazed at how many top level artists love AM. I have been using the software as a hobbyist for years and years and love it.

Great work and your blog is super interesting. You've lived the dream of all us dreamers. :)

secedefromtheunion said...

Hi Barry, I am so grateful for your tutorials. I have gone through them entirely several times. I am glad to learn the RIGHT way to model and rig. Again, thanks !!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for creating these tutorials! I've used A:M in fits and starts and your tutorials are a great way to get back into A:M. :)


Jerry said...

Thanks a lot Barry, these are very helpful!

Unknown said...

broken links

sonofpat said...

The links send you to

Anonymous said...