Monday, April 05, 2010

Things they are a-changin’…


After 9 great years at Avalanche Software in Salt Lake City, I took the plunge, and made the jump to movies – something I have always wanted to do.  In those 9 years I have worked with some of the most amazing artists and people around and have learned an immense amount from them.  Like Adam Ford said, they are some of the greatest people I know and will continue to be great friends.  I am thankful for the amazing knowledge that I gleaned from so many of them, and hopefully, I can do it justice.    

But on to a new chapter of life.

Today, the dream became the reality.  I was lucky enough to be considered and then hired by Pixar as a Technical Director.  It’s quite frightening after working in the games industry for 9 years to walk into a place where you are now the rookie and you don’t know a thing about what you are about to do.  But I feel like a huge sponge that is bone dry, and I can’t wait to be thrown into the pool.  It’s going to be difficult, but I am so ready for this.