Friday, March 07, 2008


There is a severe lack of color on this blog. Time to do a painting. Now only if I could remember how.

A Meeting Drawing...

Meetings seem to be the place I come up with the very few ideas that are in my brain. Believe me, there aren't that many of them. All of my Avalanche colleagues have taken them already! In the midst of 2 really bad drawings, a little gem emerged. It's not finished, but it has it's moments. I love it when a quick sketch comes out better than a planned, lengthy drawing session. I may have to take this one further.
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I'm back...kind of.

It's been a while since I did a figure drawing that I felt somewhat good about. This morning was a really good one in my opinion. Not because the drawing was great, but because I felt like my drawing ability to see was slowly returning. I think medium has a lot to do with it. I began with vine charcoal to block in forms and get my proportions right. It's SO forgiving you can move stuff all over while trying to get it right. Once I had that in, I went for the charcoal pencils and compressed charcoal to get the darks and details. I made the mistake of thinking my drawing was good, and then leaning over and looking at Adam Ford's. Not a good idea. But I think this one turned out well. The face leaves a lot to be desired, but that's what I get for leaving it to the last 15 minutes.
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