Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Attached Hands...

And now on to the the feet!  After a brief respite from the 1am nights, I got the hands modeled and attached to the body.  Max is proving to be pretty good for modeling, if I could just find a tool to "tweak" the verts.  That, and I find that the brushes aren't very good at getting what I want.  Normally at this point, I would export it to Modo or Silo for refining, but I'm going to stick it out.  Hopefully soon I'll be starting the head.  About 6 hours in total at this point.

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Thadeu Luz said...

looking sweet!

to get the maya equivalent of vertex tweaking in max is pretty simple.

1-go to the transform tool and set the Reference Coordinate System to Screen
2-highlight the X and Y axis
3-press X on the keyboard to hide the gizmo. Thats it!