Thursday, April 02, 2009

First Silo Model

So I'm starting to learn Silo ( and so far I am really liking it.  It just seems that it was MEANT to be a modeler (it was!) whereas other software feels like all the tools are there for modeling, but they are tucked away in some hard to reach place.  

So I modeled a cartoon hand, and thought I would record the process for posterity's sake (or more likely just mine).  Turned out pretty good, but this was an experiment, so there's a lot of mistakes and backtracking in it.  But I like to see that happen in a video so that I can understand what happened, and what went wrong.  Hope you like it.  The first video is 3x and the second is 4x.

Modeling a Cartoon Hand in Silo - Part 1 from Barry Zundel on Vimeo.

Modeling A Cartoon Hand in Silo - Part 2 from Barry Zundel on Vimeo.

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