Friday, April 03, 2009


So Here is another model I did in Silo.  I really liked the tools.  I thought I would do a study of edge loops, so I can really get in the habit of doing them right.  I also made this head as a generic game model so I can push/pull it into any desigh I want.  

Good Edgeloops = Flexibility


Sruli Broocker said...

Hey Barry - big fan of your Hash tutorials. I'm a recent Silo convert, and I'm glad to see you're also dipping in!
I think a very useful tutorial would be modeling for animation - where you would go through and model a character specifically to be animated. What makes a good animation model in terms of poly count, poly placement, etc . . .
Just wishful thinking.
All the Best

Barry Zundel said...

Sruli -

Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, I have been thinking of doing some new tutorials. They won't be in Hash, though. Either character modeling/texturing in Modo or Character Modeling in Silo. Maybe some Maya stuff. I haven't decided yet.

Sruli Broocker said...

Well, if I could put in my two cents, I'd say Silo . . . but that's for personal reasons. I really think it's a great modeler.
It's a shame the Hash software isn't keeping up with the times - the spline modeling could have been great if it continued to develop all of the cool tools of the Big Poly Boys (and integrate with them, too).

Barry Zundel said...

Agreed. Hash was such a powerful program. But they didn't want to adopt any sort of industry standards, and sufferend for it. It's a shame. A:M was a great piece of animation software.