Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sketch Dump

I'm not sure if you can call three images a "dump", but here they are. The last image I saw a drawing of Ariel that Glen Keane did, and I could see so many construction lines, I tried to copy it. I came out with a somewhat similar looking Ariel, but I like the way he constructs his heads. After all, he is the master. I'm trying to get into form and shadow rather than line. I've found a new favorite pencil (that happens on a daily basis) and it is the "Turquoise". It's dark and smooth, and is a joy to draw with. The only drawback is that it smears easily. I still think my alltime favorite is the "Ebony" pencil. Well, the first two were attempts at getting back to knowing my anatomy and construction. I've got a ways to go as you can see. Both were from my head. Posted by Picasa


Unknown said...

Great sketches. I really like the bottom two characters. Lots of personality.

Tyler Stott said...

yo Barry!!!!!!

thanks for swingin by!!!!

im diggin the tough thick neck guy,

by the way!! im lovin the animation class and everyone seems to be stoked!!

Barry Zundel said...

Thanks, Tyler. If there's anything that you guys need that I'm not covering, please let me know. I'm kind of new at it too.

Ron Jensen said...

Nice stuff on your blog Barry.

I think your class is really great too. Other than Ryan, who just got back, I don't think we realy have any teachers that know much about how to use the animation software well. We have more people in our group that want to be animatores than any of the previous groups of students. Thanks for taking the time to come out. I've already learned a tone of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Way better than I will ever do! You are on your way to the top! It's fun to see what you are sketching these days. Thanks!