Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Animation:Master 2005 Training DVD

About a year and a half ago, I was asked to teach a character animation class at Brigham Young University. I ended up teaching the class in Hash's Animation:Master, which is beautifully simple for animation, especially character animation. The only problem was that it was in a Mac lab, and A:M didn't exactly perform well on the Mac. So it was painfully slow and very frustrating for the students. Since they had never touched the software before, and I didn't want to waste time teaching them the basic fundamentals of how to use it, I began making tutorials that they could watch on their own time, so we would be able to focus on animation in class. I began the tutorials explaining everything as if they had never seen the software before. They liked them so much, they wanted me to make more. So I did. Many of them, the students never got to see, but it's what I wished I would have known picking up A:M. I have compiled the tutorials into DVD-ROMs now and they are available for purchase at my website:


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