Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Portrait in Progress

This is a portrait that I am working on in Painter just for kicks. It's my first time really trying to get colors right on the computer, so I cheated a bit. I have never been able to pick out sublties in color, so I thought I would experiment. What I did was use the eyedropper tool on the actual picture to see what colors were REALLY there versus what I thought was there. I was amazed how poor my choices were. So this has really been a learning experience. The portrait is of my wife, but for those who know her, it doesn't look a whole lot like her. The drawing that I did was actually really good, but while zoomed in and painting, I accidentally moved the painting layer a tiny bit down, and didn't catch it until I was way too far into the painting, so here it is. I'll post a few more pictures of the progress in the near future.

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