Friday, May 28, 2010

Sometimes I Hate Technology...and typing.

So as I was typing the title for this post, I think I hit the backspace button about 20 times. Not a good day for typing.

Anyhoo, I found out the hard way that backing up 9 years of work is a good thing to do in more than one place. Two days ago, I was working on my laptop at work, and had my backup drive attached to it. All my music, pictures, previous work materials, downloaded training materials, etc, were on it. The dumb thing had a 1.5 foot USB cord, and as I turned in my chair with my laptop on my lap, the drive careened off the desk and hit the floor. Then it started what sounded like beeping at me. I soon found out that the "beeping" was more of a mechanical problem where the disc would spin up, but couldn't be read. So I did some calling to find out how much data recover don't even want to know. For a 200 GB drive (yeah, it's been my backup for a LONG time, I know), it was going to cost me between $800 and $2700 for the data retrieval. Why don't I just give them my newborn child and call it even? So now the drive is sitting on my desk, a cold, black, dead reminder to BACKUP YOUR FLIPPIN' WORK!!

We'll see how long I can go without accessing anything on it.


Aaron Ludwig said...

My condolences.

Anonymous said...

Try kepler data recovery is from my contry (Chile)....but have office in Miami. Good luck!


Rob Pearsall said...

I have a drive like that... all my backup and a couple of libraries. I can't pinpoint a time of death though... it just got sick one day and it's eyes rolled back in it's little head. Like you, I'm just waiting to see when I'll need it bad enough to spend too much money.

mattanimation said...

if you stare at it long enough it might start working again...Maybe

Anonymous said...

good luck for that harddrive. I have stolen my labtop last month and I regret why I backup my documents specially my photos that can never be made again!!! *****!