Thursday, August 10, 2006

Old Art

Tonight I was digging through some of my old art in the basement and I found some trash...I mean jems. Here they are for your laughing, er, viewing pleasure. Some of these really crack me up!

This is a figure in Oil that's 3'x5'. It was my first foray into painting the figure from life. For 8 weeks, two times a week, I worked on this. Man, that hand is terrible. The sad thing is that I look at that and think, "Man, I wish I could paint like that!" Hence the need to get back into painting...beat my freshman self!

This is a piece that I did for an illustration class where we had to use photo reference. It's only about 6"x8" Acrylic. I learned very quickly that painting with acrylics in Utah is a race: Can you paint a stroke, mix a color, and get back to the canvas before it is dry. The face is mine...well...kind of. I have always loved The Hobbit, so I did this. I look at it now and cringe, but it's only up from here (hopefully).

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